לחצו בבקשה על הריבוע הימני בתחתית מסגרת הוידיאו כדי לקבל את הכתוביות .


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We are in fact a team whether or not you realize it, and we shall be able to come much more together once we can openly work with you.

SaLuSa 4-March-2011

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Increasing the power and legitimacy of Palestinians and Israelis working for nonviolent solutions to the conflict.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dear Readers,

 We are looking for new translators English-Romanian, and English-Indonesian for Wanderer’s messages. 
We are a team of translators from all over the world (more than 100 people for 24 languages) that wants to spread messages of Unconditional Love and Spirit Light as far and wide as possible.
Would you like to join us?  Please send an email to 
aand we’ll get back to you. Please understand that we are looking for native speakers (target language) to keep quality standards as high as possible.

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